If you can’t volunteer or donate money, there are plenty of other ways you can give us a hand:

  • Organise a fundraiser in your own village or city. Sell homemade cakes, have a spaghetti night or let your friends sponsor you when you run a race.

  • Donate material. We can always use leashes, blankets, cat and dog food,…

  • Share our website and facebookgroup with your friends and family. Maybe your sister is a crazy cat lady who wants to know more about us, or you have a colleague who wants to give us some help!

  • Adopt an animal! Maybe this does not sound like the easiest and most obvious thing to do. There will be some logistics and administration involved to get an animal to your place. However, it is a very noble and rewarding thing to do. There is animal abuse all over the world and there is definitely a lot of it in Peru. If we could take all the abused animals in, we would. But there is just not enough space and resources here.
    So if you want to take an animal away from here and give it a good life in a nice environment… we would be grateful for ever. And so would the animal! We had a few people who volunteered here and later they adopted one of the cats or dogs we rescued. They live a very happy life together!

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